Bugs Bunny Posters

“What’s up Doc?” Of all the most beloved cartoon characters, not many are more beloved than Bugs Bunny. With his smart cheek and his winning manner he constantly got the upper hand on Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and everyone else who came his way. These cartoon classics had fans all over the planet quoting lines well into adult hood: Go up to a forty year old chap and say “We’re hunting Elmers” and there is a fair chance he’ll know what your talking about. Since they are classics, any merchandise connected becomes collectible. Bugs Bunny Posters are a fantastic way to collect cartoon memorabilia and show your affection of the “Wascaly Wabbit!”

For over fifty years, Looney Tunes has fashioned characters that became part of the American Culture. First as shorts at the movie theater and then becoming a staple of children’s television, they prepared the standard for “two level” humor that can be loved by both children and adults. The cartoons fashioned iconic characters where grandparents can laugh along with their grandkids at jokes that are as funny nowadays as they were in 1945. Warner Brothers has cultivated this brand into one of the most widely recognizable in the world. Bugs has gone from movie shorts to beloved full length features. Ask yourself a question: If you watch the picture Space Jam fifty years from now, who is everyone going to recognize, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, or Bugs Bunny? Bugs, of course. All of this has been illustrated in terrific Bugs Bunny posters.

Just like any other collectible item, Bugs Bunny Posters come in all kinds. You can get originals or reprints of classics. You can also pay for new versions of America’s favorite. Because these cartoons were written to appeal to everybody their popularity is timeless. But it is not just the appeal of the cartoon that makes them so widespread. Like any great franchise, Looney Tunes knows the power of quality. The art work is impeccable. Ever look at Bugs, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck and not know what they are all about? The attention to detail in each character comes through with each toon and on each poster.

So when you are purchasing art work (yes, it is art) to highlight a kids room, a dorm room, a class room, or a rec room, nothing beats the cool rabbit who lets one and all in on the fun. The quality is so spectacular, you may choose to put a Bugs Bunny Poster in the living room, over the fireplace. Sure beats an old relation that no one even recognizes.